Monday, September 28, 2015

Marriage Takes Work

Many people view marriage as an escape from being single only to get married then day dream about being single again. Marriage is a covenant of 3. You, Your Spouse and God. And these 3 are supposed to be 1. But many marriage consist of 2 individuals that sometimes listens to the 1 that created them. But true marriage is 1+1+1=1. God=1 + Man(Adam) made in Gods image =1+Eve(made out of Adam) 1=1 God the creator, Adam his Image and Eve from the rib of his image. The fact is in order for a marriage to survive we must understand we we hurt or mistreat our spouses we are really hurting and mistreating ourselves and our God. 

If you are single learn to love yourself and God before you bring anyone else in the picture 

If you are engaged to get married be honest with who you are and where you are, address past hurts and disappointments before you say I do, so you can get past your pass so you can embrace your future. So you can love the one your with and not still struggle from the hurts of those they mistreated you. 

If your married, remember to love your spouse as you love yourself. And be true to the 3 that make 1 because of you mistreat 1 of the three you will have to answer to the 1 that created you in his image. 

Marriage is not easy but if we do it God's way it is not as difficult as some make it seem. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Protecting your marriage

Protecting our Marriages from Erosion caused by the constant little attacks of the enemy. 

A land owner had a beautiful house that sat upon a cliff that overlooked the ocean. It was the incredible view of the ocean that was the motivator that moved him to purchase the property. 

What he did not notice was that overtime the tide was slowly eroding the soil that held together the land that his house rested upon. Many of his neighbors had support walls installed to "Secure" their homes, but this land owner was more focused on his view than he was protecting his home from certain destruction. 

One day he returned home to find his house sliding off the beautiful cliff that it rested upon. It was not until then that he sought help to try to save his house. He was told his house was beyond saving, his best bet would be simply salvaging some of his belongings. 

Many couples find themselves in the same situation. They have been enjoying the beauty of marriage but not protecting the foundation that holds it all together. And it is not until the house is falling off the cliff that we seek help. In most cases we are left with trying to salvage our belongings in the process of loosing our marriages through divorce. 

It is our prayer as the Facilitators of the New-growth Marriage Retreats and Enrichment Sessions, that each couple can protect their marriage from the deliberate erosion caused by the daily attacks of the Enemy. 

We must be determined to be 
1. Proactive and not just Reactive 
2. Understanding and Forgiving 
3. Resistant to the Urge to judge our spouse
4. Willing to understand that we think differently and willing to accommodate the position of our spouse. 
5. Vigilant in prayer lives, understanding Satan desires for us to abandon the covenant of love that we have pledged to each other.  
6. Willing to pray before responding to the sneak attacks of the enemy. 

Our marriages can be healthy and last until death due us part if we are willing to seek God daily so that we are always standing on a firm foundation.