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A Kingdom Man

“A Kingdom Man
Listen with me for a second. Can you hear the cry for a kingdom man?

It’s in the heartbeat of every child who has been born or raised without a father. It’s in every woman’s dream that has been dashed by an irresponsible or neglectful man. It’s coming from the homes, schools, neighborhood, states, and nations that have been shattered by the absence of kingdom men.

As a kingdom man, you have been commissioned by heaven to rule on earth. You represent the King. As His representative, there is much more to you than you may have even realized.

Read Jesus’ words in Mark 1:15.”

“The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe in the good news!
Define kingdom of God in your own words.

The Greek word used for kingdom in the New Testament is basileia, which means authority and rule. The kingdom of God is the authoritative execution of His comprehensive rule in all creation. God’s kingdom transcends time, space, politics, denominations, cultures, and all realms of society. The primary component on which any kingdom rests is the authority of the ruler. Without that there is anarchy. Chaos. A mess.”

“Read Genesis 2:15-25 in your Bible. Record the name of God that is used in these verses exactly as it appears in the text.

Now read Genesis 3:1. When Satan referred to God, what name did he use?

Genesis 2 contains several references to God, particularly in recording the way God related to Adam. For each one God is referred to as LORD God. Anytime you read the word LORD in all caps like that, it denotes the name God used for Himself: Yahweh. Yahweh, which literally means Master and absolute Ruler, is the name God used to reveal Himself to humankind.”

“But in Genesis 3 Satan used a different name for God. In verse 1 Satan asked Eve a seemingly innocuous question: “Did God really say, ‘You can’t eat from any tree in the garden’?” Notice that Satan didn’t refer to God as the LORD God; instead, he stripped off the name LORD. Satan sought to remove God’s titles of Master and absolute Ruler.

Why do you think Satan chose this particular way to refer to God?”

“How did that usage reveal Satan’s plans and purposes?

It might not seem important at first glance, but Satan revealed his true character in the way he referred to God. By twisting God’s name in a subtle but significant way, Satan sought to reduce God’s rule over humankind. Satan kept the appearance of religion while eliminating divine authority. He’s still doing the same thing today.

In what ways does the world deny God’s absolute rule today?

How do believers and churches undermine God’s rule?”

“How do believers and churches undermine God’s rule?

Ever since Satan issued his challenge in the garden, there has been a continual battle over who will rule humanity.
Ever since Satan issued his challenge in the garden, there has been a continual battle over who will rule humanity. When men make decisions based on their own thoughts, beliefs, or values rather than on God’s Word, they choose to rule themselves. They call the King God without recognizing His authority. Essentially, men become like Satan. Although they recognize the Creator’s existence, they seek to dethrone Him.”

“Take a look at your life. Highlight any area in which you acknowledge God’s existence without submitting to His authority.

Social relationships
Church or ministry
Personal ethics
Community involvement
Recreation and entertainment

“If we want to be kingdom men, we must fight hard against the tendency to dethrone our King. We’ve got to buck the trend of living under our own authority. A kingdom man is a male who places himself under the rule of God and lives His life in submission to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Instead of following his own way, a kingdom man seeks to know God’s will and to carry out God’s kingdom agenda on earth. When a kingdom man functions according to the principles and precepts of the kingdom, there will be order and provision. When he doesn’t, he opens himself and those around him to chaos.”

“Pray through the definition of a kingdom man in the previous paragraph. Submit to your King any areas of your life you identified that are not under His authority.”

Excerpt From
Kingdom Man (Member Book)
Tony Evans
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